Oct 302015

Hi everyone,

Just a little notice to let you know Circadian Rhythm & Blues will be getting some airplay on Pete Butchers’ radio show Jazz Today, this coming Sunday. Don’t forget to tune in to hear a taste of the album alongside other new releases.

Another radio show that comes highly recommended is Maurice Hogue’s show One Man’s Jazz on Taintradio.org who playlisted four of our songs last week.

Incidentally, there was recently a nice review by Peter Bacon at The Jazz Breakfast – another great place to hear about new music. “…security in the group and the freedom to take chances … a highly creative three-way thing”


Oct 212015

I’m looking forward to a week of nice gigs with Natacha Atlas, please come to hear us if you’re in town!

21/10, Wroclaw, Poland – Stary Klasztor
22/10, Vienna, Austria – Sargfabrik
24/10, Amsterdam, Holland – People’s Place
25/10, Zurich, Switzerland – Moods

We have a day of on Friday (23/10) and guitarist Marzio Scholten has invited me to join him for an ad hoc duo performance in Amsterdam at the venue De Ruimte. We’ll be performing a mixture of my tunes and his, trying out new material for a possible future collaboration!

Oct 142015

I’m super-exciting to be joining Natacha Atlas‘s band for a string of gigs around Europe (check the list further down the page to the right). Natacha is an Egyptian/English vocalist who performs a mixture of arabic and western music. Her group is co-led by violinist Sami Bishai and includes musicians Andy Hamill (bass), Alcyona Mick (piano) and drummers Justin Woodward or Asaf Sirkis.

It’s been a lot of fun getting to know these great musicians and we had our first show yesterday in Paris. Learning the music has been a real challenge for me as it includes more than a few arabic ornaments, scales and quarter tones that I’m not used to playing. Natacha’s new album is a collaboration with French/Libanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who has really mastered these techniques. He’s busy releasing his own album these days, which has created this nice opportunity for me.

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File 13-10-15 19 31 36

Oct 142015

Dagbladet (Fredrik Wandrup)

“Beautiful trio music, colourful and harmonious..”

Nordische Musik (Tim Jonathan Kleinecke, in German)

“the great strength of this trio is listening and responding [one another]”

Jazzinorge.no (Terje Mosnes)

“A trumpeter in full bloom, both solo and in a trio that has deciphered the codes for responsive interaction”.

There was also a very nice interview in Sunnmørsposten yesterday, written by Solfrid Vartdal. The photo is from last year when we played at Sunnmørsposten’s office, a rare instance of Eyolf playing electric piano..!

CRB Sunnmørsposten

Oct 092015

Reviewer Svein Magnus Furu in Morgenbladet writes about the duality of the trumpet being both a fiery and and mellow instrument, and my journey as a musician from traditional jazz to more mainstream and experimental music. Very observant and well written – in Norwegian.

An impressive double album

Artistically the first disc seems somewhat reactionary – as if [jazz in] the sixties never happened

Full article at http://morgenbladet.no/kultur/2015/10/trompetens-ansikter

Morgenbladet utdrag

Oct 032015

The release concert for Circadian Rhythm & Blues is just round the corner. We had such a great time up in northern Norway last weekend and we just can’t wait to get going again and to play for our home audience.

We’ve got a couple of extras in store: Our favourite folk duo Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola will play some tunes to open for us , and there will also be a screening of Kristine Tjøgersen’s new music video to accompany our song Sleepless. We’ll be playing all the material from the trio part of the album and Hayden will also be playing some of his solo material. See you there!!

Tøyen Kirke
Herslebsgate 43, Oslo
Sunday October 4th @ 1900hrs
Tickets 150kr


Sep 282015

The first reviews of Circadian Rhythm & Blues are in, here’s one from my local paper in Molde, Romsdal Budstikke. Their reviewer Petter Petterson is very enthusiastic, giving us a 5 out of 6 for the album. I especially like his football metaphor: a trio that interacts so well they could click-clack through any of eliteserien’s defenders [Norway’s Premier League].

(click to read)

Romsdals budstikke liten

Sep 252015

CRB Digitalt cover

iTunes: http://apple.co/1LRgZJA
Tidal: tidal.com/album/50450930
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1FxEJ8I
Wimp: http://wimp.no/album/50450930

To order a physical copy, please send me a message

Hooray! Our new album Circadian Rhythm & Blues is out today. Jo, Eyolf and I are celebrating the release with coffee and birthday cake while waiting for the bus to tonight’s gig in Svolvær in northern Norway.

The double album contains a trio- and a solo part, and is available for download, streaming or on cd (which I recommend for the full experience!) If you’d like a cd, send me a message here or mention it in the comments below and I’ll get in touch!

Making an album is a long and rewarding process, and finally releasing it feels so good. We’d like to say thank you to the many people who have contributed and helped us along the way:

August Wanngren did a brilliant job recording and mixing the trio part at The Village Studios in Copenhagen. Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen did the same work for the solo part, and also had the vital role of producer for this part of the album. He is also the brains behind the remix “Wakeup Call” (track 19). Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering tied it all together and did the finishing touches to make the sound just perfect.

Jens Jørgen Krogsveen made us yet another lovely album cover and Anne Valeur took the photos. We also have some videos by Ingo J. Biermann and Kristine Tjøgersen that are waiting to be released, looking forward to that!

Thank you to Musikkoperatørene for distributing the album and being there for so many small labels such as my Periskop.

Last but not least, thank you to everybody else who’s helped and supported us, not the least our families, Kristin and Åse-Lill, all the venues we played at in recent years and not the least the audiences we’ve met on our journeys!

Sep 242015

We’ve just arrived in Sortland in northern Norway, where they have a brand new venue waiting for us and some breathtaking scenery. Tonight’s gig is Sortland Jazzfestival, which marks the start of a short tour that will also pass through Svolvær and Hemnesberget. Tomorrow we’ll also be launching our brand new album Circadian Rhythm & Blues so we’re super-excited and looking forward to a great weekend!

File 24-09-15 18 29 56

Sep 162015

The official release date for Circadian Rhythm & Blues is still a couple of weeks off, but today I’m happy to announce it’s pre-release on Wimp/Tidal. So if you’re lucky enough to have a subscription, head over there right away give it a spin – and let me know what you think!


Aug 252015

Hayden Powell Trio will be playing four concerts in September/October to celebrate the release of Circadian Rhythm and Blues. Three of them will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway and Sortland, Svolvær and Hemnesberget. Southeners can catch us at Tøyen Kirke in Oslo on October 4th!

Here’s the list:

24.sep – Sortland Jazzfestival
25.sep – Lofoten Jazzklubb, Svolvær
26.sep – Hemnes Jazzforum

4.oct – Tøyen Kirke, Oslo

Thank you to the Norwegian Arts Council and Nordnorsk Jazzsenter for financial support.

Aug 162015

The release concert for Circadian Rhythm and Blues will be held at Tøyen Kirke in Oslo on October 4th. Hayden, Eyolf and Jo will play music from the new album and Hayden will perform some of the solo material. There might be some other surprises, too!

Tøyen Kirke has a great acoustic, and most of the solo tracks on CRB were recorded there. There’s also a really nice grand piano that Eyolf is looking forward to playing.

Tøyen Kirke, Oslo
October 4th @ 19.00
Tickets 150kr / 250kr including cd

Jun 192015

All About Jazz

Ian Patterson from allaboutjazz.com has written a nice review of our recent showcase in Bergen.

There were no histrionics about the Hayden Powell Trio, no resorting to clichés or grandstanding—just honest, melodic music played with quiet passion and delivered straight from the heart.

You’ll find the full review here

May 292015

Hayden Powell Trio spent this weekend in Bergen where we took part in an international showcase called Nutshell. We were given the opportunity to perform in front of festival representatives, journalists and jazz business people from all over Europe and beyond. We were lucky enough to be given a slot in beautiful surroundings on top of a mountain (although indoors) with paragliders taking off next to us. We shared the bill with Erlend Apneseth, a brilliant young harbinger fiddle-player from Jølster, who also played a great set together with Stephan Meidell and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (who I play with in 12 Percent). We’ve already have interest from several clubs and festivals so thank you Vestnorsk Jazzsenter for giving us this opportunity!Nutshell paragliding

May 272015

When recording a new album, it’s not enough just to record and mix your music in a regular studio. For top-quality results, you need to finish off in a mastering studio with somebody who knows what they’re doing. Luckily from me, I have one of Norway’s top mastering studios, Propeller Mastering, just round the corner from where I live, and this is where I’ve spent the last couple evenings. The engineer, Morgan Nicolaysen, plays trumpet himself and has really big ears. It’s a great experience sitting next to him, and hearing the music open up in ways I maybe hadn’t expected. With the exception of a couple of titles the master for the new album is now ready, and I can’t wait wait to share it with all of you!

May 102015

This is really turning out to be a week of great music. After Trondheim I headed straight to Stavanger and Maijazz for a concert with a band I’m not played with before, Significant Time. The band is usually a quartet with a vocalist and a rhythm section, but for the occasion they’ve written arrangements for an expanded version featuring André Roligheten (saxes/bass clarinet) and myself. The combination of a local connection, lots of good work on arrangements and rehearsals and inspired musicianship all came together to create a special atmosphere. I don’t think a lot of people outside Stavanger knew the band from before, but after the festival all the journalists mentioned the concert specifically as one of the highlights. We’re planning recording and are looking forward to more gigs in the future!

Significant Time Maijazz Dagsavisen