Jun 192015

All About Jazz

Ian Patterson from allaboutjazz.com has written a nice review of our recent showcase in Bergen.

There were no histrionics about the Hayden Powell Trio, no resorting to clichés or grandstanding—just honest, melodic music played with quiet passion and delivered straight from the heart.

You’ll find the full review here

May 292015

Hayden Powell Trio spent this weekend in Bergen where we took part in an international showcase called Nutshell. We were given the opportunity to perform in front of festival representatives, journalists and jazz business people from all over Europe and beyond. We were lucky enough to be given a slot in beautiful surroundings on top of a mountain (although indoors) with paragliders taking off next to us. We shared the bill with Erlend Apneseth, a brilliant young harbinger fiddle-player from Jølster, who also played a great set together with Stephan Meidell and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (who I play with in 12 Percent). We’ve already have interest from several clubs and festivals so thank you Vestnorsk Jazzsenter for giving us this opportunity!Nutshell paragliding

May 272015

When recording a new album, it’s not enough just to record and mix your music in a regular studio. For top-quality results, you need to finish off in a mastering studio with somebody who knows what they’re doing. Luckily from me, I have one of Norway’s top mastering studios, Propeller Mastering, just round the corner from where I live, and this is where I’ve spent the last couple evenings. The engineer, Morgan Nicolaysen, plays trumpet himself and has really big ears. It’s a great experience sitting next to him, and hearing the music open up in ways I maybe hadn’t expected. With the exception of a couple of titles the master for the new album is now ready, and I can’t wait wait to share it with all of you!

May 102015

This is really turning out to be a week of great music. After Trondheim I headed straight to Stavanger and Maijazz for a concert with a band I’m not played with before, Significant Time. The band is usually a quartet with a vocalist and a rhythm section, but for the occasion they’ve written arrangements for an expanded version featuring André Roligheten (saxes/bass clarinet) and myself. The combination of a local connection, lots of good work on arrangements and rehearsals and inspired musicianship all came together to create a special atmosphere. I don’t think a lot of people outside Stavanger knew the band from before, but after the festival all the journalists mentioned the concert specifically as one of the highlights. We’re planning recording and are looking forward to more gigs in the future!

Significant Time Maijazz Dagsavisen

May 082015

Finally, we’ve had a new chance to perform the music from Albatrosh and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra’s CD treehouse. Originally performed at Molde Jazz festival, this is one of my favourite TJO projects (check out the recording here). This week we’ve been in Trondheim, where we had rehearsals and a concert at the Trondheim Jazz festival. I think a lot of people having looking forward to hearing the music live, as the venue was packed and the atmosphere electric. The music is complemented by beautiful video artwork by Andreas Paleologos. You’ll a YouTube clip from the original concert in Molde here.


May 012015

My producer Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen and I just spent two days in a church in Oslo (Tøyen Kirke) recording my solo album, that’s to be released together with the new trio album this autumn. It’s been such an exciting process, very intuitive and less planned than a lot of the other recordings I’ve done recently. Øyvind has a very different background from me and he’s really helped me look at my music from a new perspective. We’re going to finish it off in Øyvind’s studio where we’ll be mixing some multitrack recordings we did, and we’re also planning a Remix of some of the material from the trio album. Stay tuned!

Hayden solo w Øyvind

Apr 242015

I’m spending this week getting ready to record the solo material that is to make up the second part of my new album. The centrepiece there is a so-called “prepared improvisation” that I’m going to call Continuum (no reference to Jaco Pastorius intended), that’s built around a series of repeated phrases that develop in complexity and intensity. A series of layered improvisations, some “air noise” pieces and more. I’m pretty excited about it!


Hayden strek

Apr 072015

Easter is over and I’ve shared my time between family and friends, and working on a new special project.. To be revealed soon!

The trio is working hard getting our new album mixed and ready for release later this year. In the meantime you can catch us at Herr Nilsen here in Oslo on Wednesday 22nd of April at 20.00.

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Feb 222015


Hayden Powell Trio has played more than 60 concerts during the past three-four years, but strangely enough none in the Grenland area where our pianist Eyolf Dale grew up.

Next Saturday this will change when we’ll be appearing at Porsgrunn’s brilliant new concert venue Ælvespeilet. The concert is part of their “minifestival”, which means you can hear us as well as three other bands on just one ticket – no reason to stay at home!

We’ve just finished recording our third album and will be giving a taste of what’s to come. For tickets and more info please head over to Ælvespeilet’s website and don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page on the way!

Hayden Powell Trio,
February 28th at 20.00
Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn (Norway)

Photo by Andreas Ulvo

Feb 212015

Hayden Powell Trio’s recent gigs at Dokkhuset in Trondheim and Sunndal Jazzklubb were a bunch of fun, thanks to everybody who came to hear us! There was some pretty serious weather going on here in Norway that weekend and we were afraid it might keep people at home, but luckily that was not the case.


Playing the gig is the easy part.. This is what our trip from Trondheim to Sunndal looked like!


Luckily there was a very enthusiastic crowd waiting for us a Øra Café /Sunndal Jazzklubb and there was a great review in the local paper the next day, with quotes such as Ole [the storm] had to give up, the storm was jazzed away and this reviewer has heard many concerts, but this beat all of them. We were also praised for our enthusiasm and good stage presence, which is always nice :) If you read Norwegian you can read the full review here.

Thanks to Eyolf Dale and Peter Wergeni for photos!


Hayden Powell trio på Øra Café

Feb 202015

Tonights gig is with bassist and guitarist extraordinaire, Morten Kvam and Arild Hammerø. They’ve put together a band that sounds similar to the picture – a mix of Peruvian folk music, Arabic-inspired themes and a touch of Voodoo. You never know what’s going to happen (I don’t, anyway!) except that it will be one of those evenings to remember. Alongside Morten, Arild and myself there’s my longtime brass collaborator Erik Johannessen (on trombone) and drummer Alexander Kostopoulus.


Feb 172015

HPT Facebook

Tada! Hayden Powell Trio is catching up with modern times and finally on Facebook.

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Feb 062015

Yesterday we played at Glåmdalen Jazzklubb in Kongsvinger. The venue was “Slaveriet” (The Slavery), which is part on an old fort – Kongsvinger Festning. Despite the gloomy name there was a great vibe and an enthusiastic audience and we had a perfect start to our tour. We played four new tunes and are looking forward to Trondheim and Sunndalsøra tomorrow and an album recording in Copenhagen from Sunday onwards. Photographer Gunnar Johnsen sent us some great photos from yesterday’s gig, here are som of them:

Jan 302015

HPT Victoria 10

It’s time for another round of concerts with my two favourite musicians. Next week Hayden Powell trio will play three gigs in Norway followed by a trip to Copenhagen to record a new album (2015 is proving to be a good year for such). This all means we’ve got lot’s of new music ready to unleash and that you should definitely come to hear one of the shows if you can.

05/02 – Glåmdalen Jazzklubb, Kongsvinger
07/02 – Dokkhuset, Trondheim (daytime)
07/02 – Sunndal Jazzklubb, Sundalsøra (evening)

Later in February:
28/02 – Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn

Jan 302015

This week I’m part of a project with Scheen Jazzorkester, playing new music written by Magne Rutle. The band includes some really great players including my trumpet colleague Thomas Johansson and drummer Audun Kleive. We’re playing concerts in Kristiansand and Grimstad as well as an album recording back in Skien. Here are the concert dates:

29/01 – Kristiansand Jazzvesen
30/01 – Grimstad Kulturhus

Jan 102015


My first project of 2015 is an album recording with 12 Percent, which besides me is Øyvind Hegg-Lunde on drums and Parker Shper (US/CAN) on piano/rhodes/harmonium.

We were lucky enough to have David Alexander Sjølie do the recording for us at Urban Sound Studios here in Oslo and had a really creative session, full of overdubs and such that you’re not supposed to do in jazz 😉 A big thanks to Andreas Utnem for lending us his pump organ and Erlend Slettevoll for lending his rhodes.

Keep your eyes open for new music to be released soon!