Feb 222015


Hayden Powell Trio has played more than 60 concerts during the past three-four years, but strangely enough none in the Grenland area where our pianist Eyolf Dale grew up.

Next Saturday this will change when we’ll be appearing at Porsgrunn’s brilliant new concert venue Ælvespeilet. The concert is part of their “minifestival”, which means you can hear us as well as three other bands on just one ticket – no reason to stay at home!

We’ve just finished recording our third album and will be giving a taste of what’s to come. For tickets and more info please head over to Ælvespeilet’s website and don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page on the way!

Hayden Powell Trio,
February 28th at 20.00
Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn (Norway)

Photo by Andreas Ulvo

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