Sep 252015

CRB Digitalt cover


To order a physical copy, please send me a message

Hooray! Our new album Circadian Rhythm & Blues is out today. Jo, Eyolf and I are celebrating the release with coffee and birthday cake while waiting for the bus to tonight’s gig in Svolvær in northern Norway.

The double album contains a trio- and a solo part, and is available for download, streaming or on cd (which I recommend for the full experience!) If you’d like a cd, send me a message here or mention it in the comments below and I’ll get in touch!

Making an album is a long and rewarding process, and finally releasing it feels so good. We’d like to say thank you to the many people who have contributed and helped us along the way:

August Wanngren did a brilliant job recording and mixing the trio part at The Village Studios in Copenhagen. Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen did the same work for the solo part, and also had the vital role of producer for this part of the album. He is also the brains behind the remix “Wakeup Call” (track 19). Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering tied it all together and did the finishing touches to make the sound just perfect.

Jens Jørgen Krogsveen made us yet another lovely album cover and Anne Valeur took the photos. We also have some videos by Ingo J. Biermann and Kristine Tjøgersen that are waiting to be released, looking forward to that!

Thank you to Musikkoperatørene for distributing the album and being there for so many small labels such as my Periskop.

Last but not least, thank you to everybody else who’s helped and supported us, not the least our families, Kristin and Åse-Lill, all the venues we played at in recent years and not the least the audiences we’ve met on our journeys!

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