Aug 122018

Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time listen to our new album Six Commissions. We’ve been getting great feedback from all kinds of people, and have had some lovely reviews here in Norway (quotes further down the page). What’s more, the album has racked up more than 60.000 streams, which is much more than my previous albums, and not bad for jazz. Much of this has come from the track Junior Days being added to Spotify’s State of Jazz list, but in any case it’s good to know our music is reaching out to new listeners all over the world. 

Unfortunately the vinyl version, originally scheduled to be released in August, has been delayed. Without going into detail there were issues with the final pressing that couldn’t be resolved and we’ve had to find a new manufacturer. So basically we have to start again and it will have to take the time it takes (usually at least a couple of months). 

In the meanwhile if you have the chance please come and see some of my other gigs. This Tuesday I’m playing at Oslo Jazz Festival with Bridges and at the weekend there’s Klangfestivalen in Fræna, alongside musicians Henning Sommero, Dag-Filip Roaldsnes, André Roligheten, Trygve Fiske and Tore Sandbakken. 

Some Norwegian reviews of Six Commissions:

«Jeg har det svært bra sammen med musikken på «Six Comissions». »
Arild R. Andersen,

«De makter å skape noen utrolig fine øyeblikk ut av dette låtmaterialet, på det som i sum er blitt et veldig fint album fra trioen.»
Espen Løkeland-Stai, Dagsavisen

«Mats Eilertsen, Per «Texas» Johansson, Espen Reinertsen, Natacha Atlas / Samy Bishai, Iro Haarla og Erlend Skomsvoll. Denne lista skulle borga for både kvalitet og mangfald.»
Lars Mossefinn, Dag og Tid

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