Hayden Powell Trio


Hayden Powell (trumpet)
Eyolf Dale (piano)
Jo Skaansar (bass)

There were no histrionics about the Hayden Powell Trio, no resorting to clichés or grandstanding—just honest, melodic music played with quiet passion and delivered straight from the heart. (Ian Patterson, All About Jazz)

My creative locomotive features two fantastic musicians who are also my close friends: Jo Skaansar and Eyolf Dale. We’ve released three albums and played more than 80 concerts in Norway and abroad. Playing in this group has been an education in itself, as the absence of drums leaves you exposed if you don’t know the music well enough. I always do a lot of practice before our concerts, making sure I know the tunes in and out! This gives us the flexibility to change dynamics, tempos and arrangements on the fly, and also makes a fun band to play with! The trio has come to the point where I no longer worry about whether or not a concert will “work”, even if we try our new things I know we’ll land on our feet and if we should stumble there’s plenty of experience there to fall back on.

The Attic (Inner Ear, 2011)
Roots and Stems (Periskop, 2013)
Circadian Rhythm & Blues (Periskop, 2015)

HPT press sheet
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