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Hayden Powell Trio

Hayden Powell (trumpet)
Eyolf Dale (piano)
Jo Skaansar (bass)

There were no histrionics about the Hayden Powell Trio, no resorting to clichés or
grandstanding—just honest, melodic music played with quiet passion and delivered straight from the heart.
 (Ian Patterson, All About Jazz)

My creative locomotive features two fantastic musicians who are also my close friends: Jo Skaansar and Eyolf Dale. We’ve released three albums and played more than 80 concerts in Norway and abroad. Playing in this group has been an education in itself, as the absence of drums leaves you exposed if you don’t know the music well enough. I always do a lot of practice before our concerts, making sure I know the tunes in and out! This gives us the flexibility to change dynamics, tempos and arrangements on the fly, and also makes a fun band to play with! The trio has come to the point where I no longer worry about whether or not a concert will “work”, even if we try our new things I know we’ll land on our feet and if we should stumble there’s plenty of experience there to fall back on.

The Attic (Inner Ear, 2011)
Roots and Stems (Periskop, 2013)
Circadian Rhythm & Blues (Periskop, 2015)
Six Commissions (Periskop, 2018)

HPT press sheet
HPT Rider

Wolf Valley

Eyolf Dale’s octet released it’s debut album on Edition Records in 2016 and played it’s first official concert at Molde Jazz Festival the same year. I thoroughly enjoy playing these lush and beautiful arrangements with parts tailor-made for each musician.

Dale’s debut as a leader on an important European jazz label is impressive at several levels – in conception, in execution and from a compositional perspective he succeeds in ticking all boxes” (Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise).


Eyolf Dale – piano
André Roligheten – saxophones
Hayden Powell – trumpet
Kristoffer Kompen – trombone
Adrian Løseth Waade – violin
Rob Waring – vibraphone
Per Zanussi – bass
Gard Nilssen – drums

Natacha Atlas


Natacha Atlas is an Egyptian-Belgian singer currently based in France. Her music is a fusion of arabic and western music styles, developed in close collaboration with violinist Samy Bishai. I met this band while volunteering at the Førde folk music festival in western Norway. It turned out they were looking for a trumpet player having made an album with trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, and the next thing I knew I was practicing arabic scales and travelling all over Europe with this bunch of superb musicians!

Natacha Atlas – vocals
Samy Bishai – violin
Hayden Powell – trumpet
Alcyona Mick – piano
Andy Hamill – bass
Asaf Sirkis – drums

Bridges with Seamus Blake

Bridges is a relatively new project initiated by drummer, label manager and sommelier Anders Thorén. The idea behind the project was to invite foreign musicians to collaborate with a group of Norwegian musicians, with saxophonist Seamus Blake the first candidate. After the initial success of the first album this plan was modified slightly and there are now plans for a second album including Blake. The band went on a substantial tour last autumn that took the all around Norway as sweet as to the UK and France. In the summer of 2018 gigs are planned at Oslo Jazz Festival and Jazz Festival Vittoria in Spain.

Hayden Powell – trumpet
Seamus Blake – saxophone
Espen Berg – piano
Jesper Bodilsen – bass
Anders Thorén – drums


Bridges with Seamus Blake (AMP music & records, 2016)
Live in Norway (AMP music & records, 2017)


Solfrid Molland

Solfrid phoned me up years ago when I was just finishing my music studies and we’ve worked together since. Playing with Solfrid helped me hone my skills as a sideman to vocalists, and introduced me to musicians such as guitarist Pascal de Loutchek and Taraf de Haidouks. Solfrid released a very nice album on Kirkelig Kulturverksted in 2011 and we’ve just recorded another, this time with Mats Eilertsen on bass and Torbjørn and Nils Økland on guitar and fiddle.


Katedral for tapte drømmer (Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 2011)
TBA (Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 2016)


4e2d436868-IMG_5637 resized
If you know the Norwegian jazz scene you’ll notice this band offers an eclectic mix of musicians, from hard-hitting saxophonist Jørgen Mathisen to not quite as hard-hitting musicians such as.. myself! It’s a band that’s great fun to play with and I’m happy that things are picking up now with an album coming out on Portuguese label Clean Feed. Drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen is the man in charge, and is also responsible for the band’s simple but highly effective repertoire.

Dag Magnus Narvesen – drums
Hayden Powell – trumpet
Kristoffer Kompen – trombone
André Roligheten – saxophones
Kristoffer Alberts – saxophones
Jørgen Mathisen – saxophones
Øyvind Dale – piano
Adrian Myhr – bass

Cornua Copiae (Clean Feed, 2016)

Significant Time with André Roligheten & Hayden Powell


Named after their vocalist Signe Time, Significant Time are a quartet whose intricate but catchy arrangements and wordless song have been gaining much attention in Norway recently. When invited to play at Stavanger’s festival Maijazz in 2015, the quartet invited André Roligheten and myself to the operation, and the music was subsequently recorded and released on my label Periskop. Significant Time plays music by Signe Time and pianist Øyvind Dale, with referenced to Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Maurice Ravel, Frederic Chopin and Ornate Coleman.

Signe Irene Time – vocals
Øyvind Dale – piano
Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson – bass
Raymond Lavik – drums

Hayden Powell – trumpet
André Roligheten – saxophones

Regnbueponniens Significante Påskesang (Periskop, 2016)

12 Percent

12 Percent

This is a collaboration with drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde and Montreal-based pianist Parker Shper. The repertoire is open-ended and mostly based on our own compositions, but also includes pieces by Franz Listz and Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”. We’ve previously played in Norway, Sweden and Canada and have recorded some music that is yet to be released. We do have some nice videos available online, though!

Hayden Powell – trumpet
Parker Shper – keyboards
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde – drums

Major League
Trip 4


Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

This state-funded jazz ensemble has been a locomotive for the Trondheim jazz scene since it was founded around year 2000. New musicians are selected for each project, among those associated with the town and it’s music conservatory (Jazzlinja, NTNU). I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in a number of projects since my days as a music student and still do, occasionally. In 2010 my brass quartet Magic Pocket was commissioned to write music for a concert at the Molde Jazz festival, Kinetic Music (Jazztipendiat).

Projects I’ve taken part in:

Vigleik Storaas
Maria Kannegaard /Eirik Hegdal
Terje Rypdal
New York Voices og Brazz Brothers
Geir Lysne
Bendik Hofset
Erlend Skomsvoll
Magic Pocket
Øyvind Brække
Espen Berg (2017)


Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Vigleik Storaas: Tribute (2006)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Maria Kannegaard Trio: Live in Oslo (2007)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kobert (2009)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Erlend Skomsvoll: What If? A Counterfactual Fairytale (2009)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Øyvind Brække: Migrations (MNJ Records, 2011)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Magic Pocket: Kinetic Music (MNJ Records, 2011)
Trondheim Jazzorkester & Albatrosh: Tree House (MNJ Records, 2014)

Former collaborations


Magic Pocket