Jul 112012

Next week is the Molde Jazz Festival, and this year there’s lots to do. First of all, Daniel Herskedal and I have written a fanfare for the opening of Molde’s new concert/theatre venue, Plassen. It will be performed at the opening ceremony this Saturday by Molde Brass Band.

The jazz festival itself starts on Monday (July 16th) and my band will be one of the first to appear at Plassen. I’m bringing a quartet this time (with Per Oddvar Johansen on drums), and the concert will be filmed by √ėyvind Welle from Wellefilms. On Wednesday, I’ll be playing with Magic Pocket at the premiere of our children’s concert, called “Ting Vi Liker”. It’s all about bears, robots, beards and other things we like as well as suggestions from the audience. I’m also doing a couple of other small appearances, so look out it you’re in Molde!

I’ll be heading for Finland in the weekend, and will play at the Pori Jazz Festival on Saturday 21st of July with Iro Haarla. We did some great gigs last autumn, so I’m really looking forward to that.


Nov 202011

I recently had the pleasure of playing two gigs with Iro Haarla, a Finnish pianist and harpist who has two really good albums out on ECM. We played at November Festival in Hertugenbosch (NL) and a week later in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Both gigs were sold out and it was great playing with the band, which includes Trygve Seim, saxophones, Uffe Krokfoss, bass, and Jon Christensen, drums. These are musicians I’ve listened to a lot on records so even though we hadn’t rehearsed much I quickly felt comfortable on stage. Iro writes really beautiful compositions and I can really recommend her two albums, Northbound and Vespers, which both feature some really good trumpet playing by Mathias Eick, who used to play in the band.

I’d also like to thank everyone I met in Holland and Poland for taking really good care of us and to Uncle Mike and Auntie Sue for coming out to Hertugenbosch to hear the band!