Hayden Powell – Circadian Rhythm and Blues


CRB Digitalt cover 1

Disc 1

Hayden Powell – trumpet
Eyolf Dale – piano
Jo Skaansar – bass

Disc 2

Hayden Powell solo


Norwegian press sheet 
English press sheet

Hayden Powell Bio

CRB digital booklet



Hayden Powell
(+47) 93837707


Press photos by Anne Valeur (click to download).
Cover art by Jens Jørgen Carlius Krogsveen.



Reviews (Norway)

Dagbladet, Fredrik Wandrup
“Beautiful trio music”

Morgenbladet, Svein Magnus Furu
an impressive double album”

Jazzinorge.no, Terje Mosnes
Solid stuff, very, very solid”

Romsdals Budstikke, Petter Petterson (5/6)
Masterful trumpet playing
a trio that interacts so well they could click-clack through any [football] defence”

..and a couple from abroad

The Jazz BreakfastPeter Bacon
“..security in the group and the freedom to take chances
..a highly creative three-way thing”

Nordische Musik (Tim Jonathan Kleinecke)
“..the great strength of this trio is listening and responding [to one another]”


Circadian Rhythm & Blues on Soundcloud

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For other songs please get in touch.


Teaser video