Feb 202014

57229a2c92-Dagmag22Norwegian drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen has put together a new octet that will perform it’s first gig at Kampenjazz here in Oslo on Sunday. He’s written a bunch of new tunes, ranging from high-energy blowouts to sublime ballads and rounded up some of his favourite musicians to perform them. Dag Magnus has been active in the Kitchen Orchestra from Stavanger as well as playing with trumpeter Gunnhild Seim‘s band. He’s currently based in Berlin, where he’s been soaking up all kinds of ideas and that’s what you’ll be hearing on Sunday.. See you there!

DaMaNa – Dag Magnus Narvesen Octett 

Hayden Powell: trumpet, Kristoffer Kompen: trombone, Kristoffer Alberts: alto saxophone, Hanna Paulsberg: tenor saxophone, André Roligheten: baritone saxophone, Øyvind Dale: piano, Adrian Myhr: double bass, Dag Magnus Narvesen: drums

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