Dec 132016

December is here and the last gigs of the year are just around the corner. After these it will be time to take care of my accounts and all the other office work that’s been put off recently.. This year I’m really looking forward to Christmas, and I’m also looking forward to a slightly less busy start to the new year. Hopefully I’ll have some time to work on new projects and do some practice!

First of all though, this week’s gigs are with the trio. We’ll be playing at Biermannsgården in Oslo as part of their end-of-season concert, on Thursday. The next day we’re off to Gran to end our concert season at Hadeland Jazzforum. The trio gigs have been a bit spread out this autumn which can be good to keep things fresh, but I’m looking forward to playing two in a row. We’ve recorded many of the shows so there could be a live album in the pipeline.. I’ll be listening properly to the recordings over Christmas.

As I keep promising, I’ll also try to write some more posts during the holidays. But in case I don’t.. Happy Christmas to all!

Hadeland Jazzforum:


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