Jan 092014

Here’s a list of my so-far confirmed gigs from now until Easter. It includes several different bands and projects, from playing in a horn section with Norwegian desert-blues-rock band Atlanter to jazz gigs with Odd Steinar Albrigtsen, Dag Magnus Narvesen and Terje Gewelt. In March and April I’ll be playing concerts with my own trio, and I’m especially looking forward to that. I’m also hoping to announce at least a couple more trio gigs within the next weeks. Hope to see you at a gig!

HPT Victoria 13

Photo: Francesco Saggio

  • Jan 28th – Vulkan Arena, Oslo: Atlanter, opening of new radio channel P13
  • Jan 29th – Nordysfestivalen, Tromsø: Odd Steinar Albrigtsen Kvartett
  • Feb 3-10 – Composing time in Berlin – for cellist Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen
  • Feb 23rd – Kampenjazz, Oslo: DaMaNa (Dag Magnus Narvesen’s new octet)
  • Mar 8th – Lillestrøm Jazzklubb: Touché
  • Mar 13th – TBA: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Mar 14th – Førdehuset, Førde: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Mar 15th – Swing and Sweet, Bergen: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Mar 16th – Kampenjazz, Oslo: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Mar 30th – Kampenjazz, Oslo: Terje Gewelt Spindrift
  • Apr 3rd – Storyville, Molde: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Apr 4th – TBA: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Apr 5th – TBA: Hayden Powell Trio
  • Apr 6th – Jazzklubben i Ørsta/Volda: Hayden Powell Trio


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