Nov 282013

Terningkast 5Dagbladet is Norway’s third largest paper, and a very important place to get a review. So I was really happy to see one in yesterday’s edition, and a good one too! Terje Mosnes has given the album a 5 out of 6, and here are a couple of quotes (roughly translated by myself):

It’s nice to hear how the three former ” immensely promising ” musicians now play completely effortlessly and with authority. The songs balance availability and complexity, and show dialogue and close interaction that allows the musicians to exhibit solid soloist skills.

Powell is also interesting because he sounds so unlike his for many years dominating instrument brothers ( Nils Petter Molvaer , Arve Henriksen , Per Jørgensen and others) placing himself much closer to a broad, modern American jazz mainstream.

Read the full review in Norwegian here


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