Sep 052016

I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this beautiful album that’s just been released on ECM! The album contains an orchestral piece  by Finish pianist/harpist Iro Haarla, written for jazz quintet and symphony orchestra, and premiered and recorded in Umeå, Sweden back i 2012. The two ensembles are very integrated, often melting together and creating lush harmonies. It was both a lot of fun and a challenge to record, especially since working with classical orchestras and conductors is not something I do every day.

I remember sitting in front of the orchestra while they played the first minutes of the piece and waiting for my part, feeling that wonderful warm sound growing behind me.. Pure joy!

Thank you so much Iro, Trygve, Uffe, Mika, Jukka and everyone else who was involved in the project. And thank you, Manfred!

DSCF2608 1

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