Magic Pocket


Hayden Powell – trumpet
Erik Johannessen – trombone
Daniel Herskedal – tuba
Erik Nylander – drums

Magic Pocket is a brass band in miniature that navigates the gray area between jazz, rock, world and contemporary music. The music is beautiful, intense, groovy, noisy and free! Magic Pocket was started in 2002 while it’s members were studying jazz at the conservatory in Trondheim, Norway. After a couple of very active years the musicians took a break to play in bands like Jaga JazzistOla Kvernberg TrioTrondheim Jazz OrchestraListen! and Kobert. They re-emerged in 2009 when they were given a scholarship to write the commissioned work Kinetic Music for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra at the Molde Jazz Festival 2010.

Magic Pocket released it’s debut cd, The Katabatic Wind in January 2011. It features Keyboard Wizard Morten Qvenild (Susanna and The Magical Orchestra, In The Country) and received rave reviews from the Norwegian and international press, calling it an “outstanding debut album” (Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet), and “music you can not remain indifferent to” (Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen). Peter Margasak from DownBeat even called it “one of the years most stunning debuts”. Just 6 months later, in July 2011, Magic Pocket released it’s second album, this time in collaboration with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra who has previously recorded with Chick Corea and Joshua Redman. Kinetic Music is an expansion on the idea behind Magic Pocket itself. No chord instruments, just horns, drums (3 sets!), vocals, and the kinetic sculptures of Atle Selnes Nielsen. The music was written and arranged by the members of Magic Pocket, and recorded live at the debut concert at Molde Jazz Festival in 2010. Kinetic Music received a new round of ovations, and has been ranked highly on the Norwegian music streaming site Wimp.

The latest news is that Magic Pocket’s next project will be a concert for children, and will have it’s debut at the 2012 Molde Jazz Festival. The name of the concert is “Ting Vi Liker” (Things we like), and is a collection of songs about animals, robots, fairy-tales, water, beards and more.


  • Recent posts about Magic Pocket

    • Molde Jazz Festival /Pori Jazz
      Molde Jazz Festival /Pori Jazz

      Next week is the Molde Jazz Festival, and this year there’s lots to do. First of all, Daniel Herskedal and I have written a fanfare for the opening of Molde’s new concert/theatre venue, Plassen. It will be performed at the opening ceremony this Saturday by Molde Brass Band. The jazz festival itself starts on Monday (July 16th) and my band will be one of the first to appear at Plassen. I’m bringing a quartet this time (with Per Oddvar Johansen on drums), and the concert will be filmed by Øyvind Welle from Wellefilms. On Wednesday, I’ll be playing with Magic Pocket at the premiere of our children’s concert, called “Ting Vi Liker”. It’s all about bears, robots, beards and other things we like as well as suggestions from the audience. I’m also doing a couple of other small appearances, so look out it you’re in Molde! I’ll be heading for Finland in the weekend, and will play at the Pori Jazz Festival on Saturday 21st of July with Iro Haarla. We did some great gigs last autumn, so I’m really looking forward to that.  

    • Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Magic Pocket on tour
      Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Magic Pocket on tour

      Last week, I did three gigs with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Magic Pocket to promote our new album “Kinetic Music“. We played to enthusiastic audiences in Trondheim, Mo i Rana and Tromsø and I really had a good time performing this music again (we haven’t played this concert since it’s premiere at Moldejazz 2010). The band consist of 11 wind instrumentalists, three drummers , a vocalist and the Kinetic Sculptures of Atle Selnes Nielsen. We have a lot of unusual instruments, like a tubax (subcontrabass saxophone), bass saxophone, cimbasso (contrabass valve trombone)  and a contra-alto clarinet. So it’s a dream band for a someone like me who’s always looking for new sounds! Actually, this was my first visit to Tromsø and I was lucky to get a great view of Ishavskatedralen from my hotel window. I’m going back in February to play with my trio so looking forward to that.

    • Magic Pocket spending a week at Sjøbygda Kunstnarhus

      Starting on September 26th, Magic Pocket will be spending a week at Sjøbygda Kunstnarhus, an artist residency run by Norwegian singer Eldbjørg Raknes. We’ll be developing a concert for children and the result can be heard on Sunday 2nd of October in Sjøbygda. More information here. Towards the end of the week, we’ll also be playing some concerts for “grown-ups” in Inderøy (29/09), Røros (30/09) and Trondheim (01/10). Check back later for more details on these concerts!