May 012013

Getting a new album out is always a long process of choices, choices, choices. It’s not enough just to make music, you also need to finance it, promote it, organise it and much more. Not to mention the biggest challenge of them all: Finding a good name for it! Actually playing music almost feels like time off in comparison..

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to start my own label to release it on. It’s actually less work as I thought it would be, and it gives me complete control of the creative process. I have some great ideas that I’m going to keep a secret for now, but I can reveal that I’ll be working with Jens Carelius on some really original packaging that I hope will get some attention. You might know Jens as a musician (I worked on his album), but he’s also a graphical designer and has done some great stuff, not the least on his own albums.

Another thing I’d like to share is that the release date will be October 30th 2013. We have a confirmed gig at a great venue here in Oslo, but I’m also going to keep a lid on that for now.. Keep your eyes open this summer /early autumn for some sneak peek’s of the new material!

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