Mar 172016

There’s lots of fun stuff to look forward to after easter. Dag Magnus Narvesen’s octet DaMaNa will be playing at Victoria in Oslo on March 31st, there are gigs with Natacha Atlas in Germany and in May there’s an album release tour with Significant Time, to mention some of them. However, I’m especially looking forward to April 21-24th when Hayden Powell Trio will be gigging in Norway. I’ve had some time to practice recently and even written some new material that we’ll be performing alongside our recent album Circadian Rhythm & Blues. We really want to see you at one of our concerts, and don’t forget to prepare by checking out one of our recent recordings!

April 21st – Storyville Jazz Club, Molde
April 22nd – Antikvariatet, Trondheim
April 23rd – Tynset Jazzklubb
April 24th – Kampenjazz, Oslo

Here’s a flashback from an earlier tour!

photo 2

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