Jun 052016

This album sees me not only in the role as guest trumpeter and sideman, but also an executive producer of sorts as it’s on my label Periskop. So you could say I’m a bit biased in recommending it, but I really think it deserves some attention! The complex but catchy arrangements were put together by vocalist Signe Time and pianist Øyvind Dale, listing Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus as inspiration. The album also contains references to classical composers such as Maurice Ravel and Frédéric Chopin and a tribute to recently deceased saxophonist Ornette Coleman.

Drummer Raymond Storaunet Lavik and bassist Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson complete the quartet’s regular line-up, and my fellow guest is saxophonist André Roligheten whom I’ve worked with many times before.

Head over to Periskop’s webpage to read more!

Significant Time

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