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Solfrid Molland is a Norwegian vocalist, pianist and accordion player who combines her classical music background with a passion for romanian gypsy music. Her brilliant album ”Katedral for tapte drømmer” (Cathedral for lost dreams) was recently released on the Norwegian label Kirkelig Kulturverksted, and includes names such as Taraf De Haikouks and Pascal de Loutchek. Hayden Powell plays trumpet on the album and regularly takes part in live performances.

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    • Solfrid Molland on tour
      Solfrid Molland on tour

      Solfrid Molland recently released her Katedral for tapte drømmer and the band is now touring in Norway. Here are some pictures from the rehearsal in Sarpsborg Kirke, with Solfrid Molland on accordion and vocals, Pascal De Loutchek on guitar, Jon Rune Strøm on bass, Ionut Guluna on vocals and not the least Ionica Tanase and Robert Gheorghe from Taraf de Haidouks on cimbalom and violin. Apart from Sarpsborg, we’ll be visiting Oslo, Lyngdal, Jevnaker, Modum, and Øystese this coming week.  

    • Solfrid Molland's album "Katedral For Tapte Drømmer" - out now!
      Solfrid Molland’s album “Katedral For Tapte Drømmer” – out now!

      Solfrid Molland – Katedral For Tapte Drømmer (Kirkelig kulturverksted/FXCD371) Solfrid Molland – vocals, piano, accordion Pascal De Loutchek – guitar, vocals Ionut Guluna – vocals Hayden Powell – trumpet Jo Skaansar – bass Ionica Tanase – cimbalom (Taraf De Haidouks) Robert Gheorghe – violin (Taraf De Haidouks) In her debut album, Solfrid Molland’s combines her background as a classical pianist with her passion for romani music, represented by Taraf de Haidouks (One of the top groups in this genre) and French-Russian guitarist/vocalist Pascal De Loutchek. I contribute solos and improvisations and the result is an orginial combination of styles that works really well! We recorded this in Rainbow Studios in august 2011, and it was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Erik Hillestad, who was the producer. The album is avaliable on iTunes here, or you can buy it from Kirkelig Kulturverksted’s website

    • Recording with Solfrid Molland

      Spent a week in fantastic Rainbow Studio here in Oslo with Solfrid Molland, Taraf de Haidouks and Pascal deLoutchek. The session will be released on Kirkelig Kulturverksted in late October. It was great working with these amazing musicians and not the least the album’s producer, Erik Hillestad.