Feb 102012

We’ve been having a great time on our tour this week, and have played concerts in Brønøysund, Mo i Rana and Bodø already. I’m happy to be playing with such a great band, and really grateful that so many people have put in such a lot of energy to organize the concerts. Tonight we’re playing in Vadsø, and this will be the most northerly concert I’ve ever played. The plane ride here from Bodø took us through Tromsø, Kirkenes and Vardø, and the weather allowed for great sightseeing although the wind made it a bumpy ride. There’s a special atmosphere up here in Vadsø, and the soundcheck gave a good vibe. So hopefully tonight will be another highlight!

There’s a nice little story about tonight’s gig. About 10 years ago I had the my first gig with a and bearing my own name, in Geiranger with tubaist Daniel Herskedal and guitarist Espen Bjarnar. After the gig Kjell Magne Stålsett from Varangerfestivalen (Vadsø jazz festival) gave me his card and told me to call him about a gig at the festival. For some reason, I didn’t call him (I was young and inexperienced!). But anyway, he mentioned it when I met him again earlier today, so maybe that was part of the reason for them booking us this time :-).

The pictures attached are from traveling and the sound checks in Brønnøysund, Mo i Rana and Bodø. They’re mainly taken by my pianist Eyolf Dale.

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